World Red Cross Day

May 14, 2019

Darshan Academy, Delhi celebrated 'World Red Cross Day’ on 8th May 2019 with full zeal and enthusiasm. Children celebrated the birthday of Henri Dunant, whose efforts led to the creation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, adoption of Geneva conventions, and creation of the iconic Red Cross symbol. It is dedicated to the people who suffer from shortage of food, several natural calamities, war as well as from an epidemic disease. Basic amenities are also provided to the people who are really in need. In order to sensitize students, enthusiastic Darshanites presented various programs including a short skit to demonstrate the precious contribution of volunteers of Red Cross Society to the people in need. They also presented some important and interesting facts on the World Red Cross Society and elaborated on their work. Mr Virender, the IT teacher, concluded the program with an edifying talk on the role of the Red Cross.


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