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National Mathematics Day

(January 18, 2018)

National Mathematic Day was celebrated at Darshan Academy Delhi on 27th December, 2017 in the memory of the great mathematician, Sriniwas Ramanujan. Children acted as different mathematicians and presented the mathematician’s views to other students. Some students demonstrated the importance of mathematics in our life. Students also shared valuable tips and fun-filled games to remove math phobia and to show that Math can be fun. Ms. Pummi Vasudeva motivated students with her speech that “decision determines destiny.” Principal A. David concluded the assembly with a motivational message “practice makes man perfect and Darshanites can perfect this subject through practice.” The academy also organized a special “Math Project Week” of activities for all the classes.

Parents and Grandparents Day

(January 18, 2018)

On 29th December, 2017 a “Parents and Grandparents Day” was celebrated at Darshan Academy, Dasuya. The theme of the program was Peedhiyo Ka Sangam. Grandparents have the warmth of a parent, wisdom of a sage and a special place in the heart of a child, so it was a great joy to have their presence at the event, along with the parents. For some families it was the first time three generations were present on the stage. Principal, Mr. Rasik Gupta, addressed the audience saying how much we all respect and honour our parents and grandparents. Special guests of honor were welcomed warmly. The program began with a Shabad and welcome dances. There were many performances such as a mime choreography, lovely plays, songs and dances. The guests of honor praised the efforts of the students and staff. Principal, Mr Gupta thanked the audience and guests for their participation and making it such a memorable and special day.

Brain Feed School Excellence Award 2017

(January 18, 2018)

Darshan Academy, Delhi has been ranked as among the Top 500 schools in India and among the Best Schools of Delhi. This award was received by the school Principal, Mr. A David at the 5th National Conference and Award Ceremony which was organized by Brainfeed on 9th December 2017 at Le’ Meridian, New Delhi. Darshan Academy, Delhi believes that education empowers a child to realize their optimum potential through a process of enlightening the mind and illuminating the soul. These goals are what for the last two decades have made Darshan Academy be recognized for such a distinct philosophy of education. These awards are an indication of the growing awareness within the community of schools across the country of Darshan Academy's distinctive excellence. This is the third year that Darshan Academy Delhi has been ranked among the Top 500 Schools in India. Brainfeed ‘School Excellence Awards” also awarded DA, Delhi the category of “Best Community and Collaborating/ Happiness Quotient Index/ Academic Excellence School.“

Lohri Celebration

(January 18, 2018)

Darshan Academy Dasua and Ludhiana celebrated Lohri on January 13 at their schools. Lohri is a popular winter time festival in the Punjab. Students narrated the story related to Lohri highlighting its history and purpose. They presented cultural programs with melodious folk songs and a vibrant bhangra performance. It was a day of joy and celebration. A large bonfire was lit giving warmth on the cold winter day. Peanuts, rewari and popcorn were distributed and the principals gave inspiring messages on the significance of the day.

Teacher Training Book Review Workshop

(January 18, 2018)

Darshan Academy Ludhiana and Jalandhar conducted a Book Review Workshop in January 2018 as part of their internal teacher training at their schools. The workshops included a meditation session for the teachers. In Darshan Academy Ludhiana the book ‘Silken Thread of the Divine’- a collection of talks given by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj - was chosen as the book to be reviewed. The book chosen by DA Jalandhar was “Spiritual Awakening” by Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj. Teachers read portions and presented the content in groups. Each group focused on one part of the inspiring books and presented it to the rest of the workshop participants through beautiful charts, demonstrations and discussions sharing their own personal experiences. The workshops included elements such as a questionnaire related to the book. It was an uplifting session. Teachers enjoyed as well as learnt a lot about the importance and benefits of meditation in all aspects of life.

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