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Bharat Vikas Parishad, Ambala

(August 22, 2019)

A program “Guru Vandan Chatra Abhinandan” was organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad at Darshan Academy Ambala on 9 August, 2019. Attending Bharat Vikas Parishad members were Mr. Suresh Sharma, State Finance Secretary (Haryana), Mr.Kawaljot Bhanot, President, Vivek Shakha, Ambala Cantt and Mr. D.P. Gulati, Ex-President,Bharat Vikas Parishad, Ambala Cantt The members spoke encouraging students to respect their teachers and the nation and gave each student a beautiful rose to present in honor to their teachers. The students then took a pledge to not use alcohol or any drugs. Students were also encouraged to help in the development and growth of the country. The Bharat Vikas Parishad members honored Ms. Rimple Kohli as the best teacher and Ms. Navdeep Kaur as the best student of the year. They were congratulated by the entire school. The Guru Vandan Chatra Abhinandan program was successful in promoting a sense of unity and integrity among the students.

Celebration of Raksha Bandhan

(August 22, 2019)

Various Darshan Academies celebrated the Festival of Raksha Bandhan, which honors the relationship of a sister and brother. Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion to celebrate the bond of respect and love between brothers and sisters symbolized by tying of a "Rakhi" around the wrists of brothers. Students had fun participating in creative rakhi making competitions, and prepared innovative rakhis with great affection. Students used unique art and craft materials to present their artistic talent in an exquisite manner. The love rendered in hand-made rakhis touches the heart. Some students recited beautiful poems to celebrate the special day.

Scholarship Ceremony, Ludhiana

(August 22, 2019)

Darshan Academy believes in inspiring its students to work hard for success. Reaping the fruits of their hard work, Kumar and Ankit, two students of class XII, received Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Scholastic Scholarships. The Scholarship Award Ceremony was graced by the presence of the recipents' parents and local management committee members, Mr Sama, Mr Hira, and Mr Singh. The principal of the school, Ms Kaur Aulakh, congratulated the scholarship holders and stated that hard work has no substitution and is the surest way to success. Management member, Mr. Jaswant Singh, addressed the gathering and encouraged the students with his motivating words, and the vote of thanks was proposed by the senior coordinator.

Darshan Academies Celebrate Independence Day

(August 19, 2019)

To commemorate and honour India’s Independence Day, Darshan Academies celebrated the special event with great enthusiasm and fervor during special assemblies and programmes. Students and staff sang the national anthem, performed role plays, and gave speeches. Students and staff expressed their views on the history and significance of Independence Day. They shared inspirational quotes on freedom and expressed their thoughts on what freedom meant to them. Students sang and danced to songs reflecting the rich heritage of India and recited a rainbow of poems. The schools were beautifully decorated in the tri colours of the Indian flag, and shades of white, green and orange were also reflected in the radiant costumes worn by the performing students. The programs were a heartfelt treat for all. Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August to mark the day India gained independence in 1947.

Cleanliness Drive, Dasuya

(August 19, 2019)

Darshan Academy Dasuya organized a cleanliness drive on 26 July, 2019. The main purpose of this programme was to create awareness among the students as well as society regarding cleanliness and its benefits. Under this programme, all the students from 6th to 12th class participated in the cleanliness drive. Students, accompanied by teachers, went to Pandav Sarovar, Railway station, Garna Shaib and Kehra Sahib. The.student’s effort were appreciated by the local residents for making the surroundings clean and beautiful and felt motivated to do the same.

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