Darshan Academy, Ambala


A Workshop is an opportunity to learn new skills. It is a medium of connecting to another person’s world. We at Darshan Academy believe, to become a great teacher or a great human being one must go beyond the knowledge in text books and attend workshops or ongoing educational courses.
We are proud to offer these exceptional services to our teachers, students and even parents.
Regular workshops are conducted for the staff and students throughout the year to keep the staff abreast with the latest teaching learning processes. The educators are updated with CBSE and global trends in education.

Workshops for Students

We at Darshan Academy regularly arrange student workshops in various fields to impart practical approach and experiential learning in our students.

Workshops & Seminars for Teachers

Integral to the education of students is professional training for the teachers and administrators. Throughout the school year, teachers attend in-service training, workshops, seminars, and learn hands-on approaches to mastering new teaching techniques.